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ICMR-NIMR Field Unit: Bengaluru, Karnataka

The ICMR NIMR Bengaluru Field Unit was established in October 1992 with the aim to control and reduce the state malaria burden. It is instrumental in implementing a bioenvironmental malaria-control strategy in Karnataka in different eco-epidemiological settings and the institute also facilitates basic, operational and applied research activities.
The mandate of the field unit is to demonstrate and suggest a suitable and appropriate malaria control strategy in different eco-epidemiological settings, to conduct basic, applied and operational research on malaria ; to provide technical support and capacity building of the State Health department staff in entomology and epidemiology; to evaluate new insecticides -indoor residual sprays and larvicides; efficacy testing of new intervention tools such as ITNs and LLINs; efficacy testing of new drugs, diagnostic kits and new methods for diagnosis and treatment of malaria and to provide technical support to local health department in controlling vector borne diseases.
NIMR FU Bangalore in the recent past has completed Phase III trials of three formulations of Natular larvicides, against Aedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi and Culex quinquefasciatus mosquito species in their natural breeding sites. The FU has also undertaken Phase III trials on five LLINs (Miranet LN, MaGnet LN, Veeralin LN, Olyset Plus LN and TsaraBoost LN) in Nandyal district of Andhra Pradesh as part of a multi centric study carried out concurrently in Tanzania, Côte d'Ivoire and India. Community acceptance and follow up studies in relation to all the phase III trials mentioned, have also been conducted. The Field Unit currently maintains an insectary with an average density of 300-500 mosquitoes. It also works in close coordination with the NCVBDC department of Karnataka and its scientists are presently part of the Internal Assessment Committee which is responsible for the assessment of districts which have applied for Malaria Elimination Certification. It is also currently involved in multiple projects and a few of them are mentioned below:

  • A study to gauge the pathogenicity of Entamopathogenic fungi against adult female Anopheles stephensi and Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.
  • A cohort study to assess the impact of Malaria disease on cognitive and executive functions among adult malaria patients.
  • A study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Curcumin (Biocurcumax capsule) as an Adjunct Drug to Standard Therapy [(Artesunate)+(Sulfadoxine - Pyrimethamine) tablet] for Treatment of Uncomplicated P. falciparum Malaria.
  • A national level Community Survey across 11 malaria endemic states of India to understand Community Perspective and Assess their Health System Readiness.

Conducted workshop recently on maintenance of mosquito insectarium and insecticidal bioassays for faculties from Veterinary Colleges as part of ICAR training programme - 25th National Training Programme on “Application of diagnostic tools for Parasitic Diseases of Veterinary and Public Health Importance”
The FU currently employs 2 interns and is open to accepting more in its short and long-term internship program. We welcome applications from students or recent graduates, post graduates, M.Phil. scholars with an academic background in allied Science or Social Science subjects. We are also welcome for multi sectoral collaboration.

Research Staff

Research Staff

    1. Vani H C, Scientist D & Officer In Charge
    2. Shrinivasa B M, Scientist C
    3. Sujith Nath, Scientist B
    4. Sanal Kumar M, Technical Officer
    5. MK Jaiswal, Lab Technician
    6. Renuka S, ICMR- Research Associate

Ph.D. Students

  1. P. Bharati
  2. Sushma Kumari
  3. G. Shankar
Recent Research Publications

Recent Research Publications

  1. Renuka S, Vani H C, Alex E. Entomopathogenic Fungi as a Potential Management Tool for the Control of Urban Malaria Vector, Anopheles stephensi (Diptera: Culicidae). J Fungi (Basel). 2023 Feb 8;9(2):223. doi: 10.3390/jof9020223. PMID: 36836337; PMCID: PMC9966075.
  2. Mbuba, E., Odufuwa, O.G., Moore, J. et al. Multi-country evaluation of the durability of pyrethroid plus piperonyl-butoxide insecticide-treated nets: study protocol. Malar J 22, 30 (2023).
Ongoing Research Projects

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Community Perspective and Health System Assessment for Malaria in Selected High Malaria Endemic States, India
  2. Assessment of impact of malaria disease on cognitive and executive functions among the adult malaria patients in Mangalore – cohort study.
  3. Isolation, screening and development of EPF Metarhizium & Beauverie to control adult mosquito.
  4. Evaluation of Safety and Efficacy of Curcumin (Biocurcumax capsule) as an Adjunct Drug to Standard Therapy [(Artesunate)+(Sulfadoxine - Pyrimethamine) tablet] for Treatment of Uncomplicated P. falciparum Malaria

Address and contact details of Field Unit

ICMR- National Institute of Malaria Research Field Unit
First Floor, NirmalBhawan-ICMR Complex
Poojanahalli, Off NH-7 Airport Trumpet Bus Stop
Kannamangala Post, Devanahalli Taluk
Bengaluru-562110, Karnataka
Phone: +91 8105457528, Dr. Vani H C-9964382260, Dr. Shrinivasa, B M - 7204618920, Mr Sujith Nath - 9013691450
Email: Office: nimrbangalore[at], Dr. Vani H C: vani.hc[at], drvanihc2021[at], Dr. Shrinivasa, B M: drsbm1983[at], shrinivasa.mb[at] , Mr Sujith Nath, Scientist B:

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